Quikfares is a web based fare search engine which empowers travel agents to locate the latest and best air fare deals amongst the thousands available with an origin, destination and departure date. Other search filters are also available to customise and pinpoint the fare search even further. Quikfares is backed by our dedicated fare loading team who pride themselves on being the fastest and most accurate in the industry. Fares are constantly being updated to ensure travel agents are given the most current airfares.


  • Provides travel agents an extremely fast tool to access and pinpoint the latest fare amongst the thousands of fares available.
  • Vast database of 70 different airlines and up to 2,500 fares to all destinations around the world
  • Displays fares in net and/or gross levels
  • Ability to apply mark-up amounts or percentages to quote passengers

Requirements: Internet Explorer 6+, Firefox 1.5+, Safari 4+

Security: Requires a user login, agency code and password to access it.


To register for Quikfares your Agency Manager must contact a business development executive or submit your details here.


If you need assistance with Quikfares please contact Technical Support

Further Information

For further information on how to use Quikfares, you can refer to the online user guide on the Quikfares website or contact your local business development executive.