Quikadmin is a web based application to allow travel agents to easily maintain and configure all their settings relating to the Quik systems. All travel agent details are stored in a secure, central database to ensure all the Quik services such as Quikticket and Quikfares are all working in unison. The various levels of security ensure that only authorised users have access to the settings that they should. A single login is created with Quikadmin for each user to access Quikfares, Quikticket, or any other service. All logins automatically allow users to access Quikadmin with their single login credentials.


  • One single login for access to all Quik systems
  • Secure user level login names
  • Centralised agent profile information
  • Create staff logins and set permissions
  • Manage settings for Quikfares, Quikticket, etc.

Requirements: Internet Explorer 6+, Firefox 1.5+, Safari 4+

Security: Requires a user login, agency code and password to access it.


Access to Quikadmin is automatic when you register for Quikfares or Quikticket. To register online click here or contact your business development executive.


If you need assistance with Quikadmin please contact Technical Support

Further Information:

For further information on how to use Quikadmin, you can refer to the online user guide on the Quikadmin website or contact your local business development executive.